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Terence Thomas is a dedicated musician teaching private lessons online and in the Raleigh-Durham area.
30+ Years Experience
Virginia Union University
Master of Divinity
Bachelor of Arts
Terence Thomas
Voice, Piano

Terence Thomas began his musical journey at the age of 8. After his older sister began taking piano lessons, Terence began to mimic her playing, and would master the songs before she could learn them! He soon began to listen to the radio and play the songs he heard on the piano. Upon hearing about his precociousness, the local church organist reached out to Terence's parents, offering to give him free piano lessons if she could use him as a subject in her doctoral studies. Consuella Lamison soon became his teacher, mentoring Terence and training him in both classical and gospel music.

By his preteen years, Terence was performing in local musicals, plays and churches. In high school, he also learned the alto saxophone and served as first chair in the school orchestra. After graduating, he matriculated at Virginia Union University, obtaining his Bachelor's degree in History/Political Science while continuing in his love of music. Remaining at Virginia Union, Terence enrolled in graduate studies at the Samuel Dewitt Proctor School of Theology. There, he remained active in music, interning with local churches and working with them to develop their music ministries.

After completing his Master of Divinity degree, Terence worked extensively in various musical departments, providing workshops and training to students from a wide variety of musical backgrounds. He also continued to develop music guilds in the regions where he lived.

As a piano and voice teacher with over 30 years of experience, Terence emphasises the nexus between music, spiritual, emotional and intellectual well-being. As such, he utilizes the concepts of music theory to empower each student to not only grow as a musician, but to achieve greater harmony and success throughout all aspects of life. 

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