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Patrick Munson is a dedicated musician teaching private lessons online.
Full Sail University
Bachelor of Science: Music Production
Crane School of Music
Classical Guitar Studies
Patrick Munson
Guitar, Ukulele

As a young child, one of Patrick Munson's most impactful memories involved playing Super Mario World and enthusiastically listening along to the video game's soundtrack. However, this was never destined to be a singular experience. As an eager consumer of video games and films, Patrick found himself fascinated with the musical compositions that accompanied many of his favorite adventures. For Patrick, music meant more than mere sounds. Music had the ability to rocket the listener off to a far-away planet, or transport them back through time to the Italian Renaissance. Music could build whole worlds. 

Consequently, it was no surprise that Patrick jumped at the chance to enlist himself into his elementary school's band.

Patrick's first musical instrument was the clarinet. Clarinet training started around the age of six for Patrick. The clarinet acted as a gentle gateway to basic music theory and challenged the young musician as a performer. Many of Patrick's earliest and proudest musical accomplishments revolved around the modest woodwind, such as the time Patrick solo performed John Williams' opening theme to the film adaptation of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone to an audience of his entire school. The performance earned him a long desired position of first clarinetist in both the middle school and high school bands.

As Patrick grew older, he began to search for additional instruments to supplement his musical arsenal. Around the age of twelve, Patrick picked up a standard six-string guitar, and his world was never the same again. Addicted to playing the guitar, Patrick would spend his time after school jamming along to concert videos of his favorite rock performers, or an energetic battle theme he discovered within a role-playing video game. Throughout his time in high school, Patrick earned income as a guitarist and backing vocalist for local cover bands touring across upstate New York. Patrick's growth as a performer expanded exponentially as he mastered guitar tracks spanning numerous genre styles and eras.

During his later high school years, Patrick began studying classical guitar under graduate students and teachers of Crane School of Music. While attending colleg,e Patrick remained dedicated to sharpening his classical guitar skills while additionally partaking in formal piano training. In 2013, the determined guitar performer returned to school, enrolling in Full Sail University's Bachelor of Science for Music Production degree program. At Full Sail University, Patrick acquired expertise in audio recording, mixing, mastering, orchestration, arrangement, sonic branding and composition for interactive media. Patrick highly enjoyed learning under industry professionals, and instructors such as producer Veit Renn, who taught Patrick advanced vocal editing and production techniques. It was Veit Renn who reminded Patrick to respect fundamentals but embrace personal musical quirks.

Patrick graduated as Salutatorian of his class from Full Sail University in 2015, earning Full Sail University's Advanced Achievement Award for his steady commitment and obedient contribution as a student of the music production program. Additionally, Patrick earned the Course Director's Awards for Advanced Audio Production Techniques and Advanced Music Theory classes. These awards were bestowed to students capable of delivering professional grade contents throughout the entirety of the class.

In recent times, Patrick's guitar performances and other efforts have been directed towards providing soundtracks to video games and short film projects. One of Patrick's latest projects entailed the implementation of original compositions within an indie adventure video game called Rogue inferno.

Patrick always has shined best when discussing and sharing music. One of the most rewarding endeavors for him has been getting others hooked into the world of music. The most significant thing for Patrick is that his students are provided with an expansive musical toolkit that will allow them to express themselves and their creative diversity with the clearest intent. For Patrick, music is about telling stories. Empowering fellow musicians to convey their story is by far one of his most rewarding tasks.

Patrick has acquired over 20 years of music performance knowledge and over 15 years of guitar playing experience. Furthermore, he has obtained in-depth understanding of production and music theory that will help students find their unique musical identity. He has been seeking students who want to learn the ability to spin magic with sound. Patrick Munson invites all to come build worlds and become the ultimate musical storyteller.

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