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Mary Mitchell is a dedicated musician teaching private lessons online and in the Raleigh-Durham area.
University of Arizona
Master of Music
Flute Performance
Bachelor of Music
Music Education
Orff-Schulwerk Music Certified, Level 1
North Carolina Teaching Credential
Music, K-12
Mary Mitchell
Flute, Piano, Guitar

At age six, Mary Mitchell started piano lessons with the encouragement of her mother. Because her older brother and two sisters had played piano and a band instrument when they were in school, it was assumed Mary would do the same. She continued taking piano lessons through high school, adding theory lessons in eleventh grade. In the sixth grade she added flute, and in 8th grade she added guitar. By eighth grade she had decided that music should be her life's career. During her junior and high school years she sang in Chorus, and played in the Band and Orchestra, including some All-County and All-District events.

Mary attended University Of Arizona in Tucson, on a full-tuition music scholarship, and earned her Bachelor of Music Education and her Master of Music in Flute Performance. Mary studied flute for six years and while in college studied piano with one of the piano professors. As a music education major, she had to learn to play all of the band and orchestra instruments in order to teach them. During college, she played principal flute in the Symphony Orchestra and Repertory Orchestra. She also played second flute in The Tucson Symphony, with her teacher playing principal flute. In Mary’s senior year she won an orchestra competition to play a major work with the orchestra accompanying, this was a very exciting opportunity for her!

Mary continues to perform regularly in orchestras, and teaches flute, piano, and guitar lessons privately. Some of the major highlights of her orchestra experiences include: The Concord Orchestra in Massachusetts, playing principal flute for 13 years, The Lowell Opera Company, the Nashua Symphony, the Raleigh Civic Symphony Orchestra, and the Raleigh Civic Chamber Orchestra where she plays principal flute. In addition, she learned to play the church pipe organ and even held a position as church organist while living in Nashua, NH.

While in Raleigh, Mary has taken some Piano Pedagogy classes at Meredith College. She has also taught elementary music at St. Timothy's School and Pleasant Union Elementary School, both in Raleigh. What she wants to convey to students about music is that it can be lots of fun for life, and that it can be a great way to release emotions in a positive manner. There is also a real sense of accomplishment and reward when a group of musicians play together to produce a wonderful piece of music for a crowd of people. It does take discipline to committing oneself to practice on a daily basis through the years, but the rewards are great!

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